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rocketdawg said...
You are in the living room. There is a door to the east. To the west
is a wooden door with strange gothic lettering, which appears to be
nailed shut.
In the center of the room is a large oriental rug.
> hack door open
I don't understand that.
> burn door
You must supply an indirect object.
> burn door with lantern
With a lamp?
> yes
I don't understand that.
> break door
The door is invulnerable.
> break door with sword
The door is still under warranty.


And this is my homework.

Zork (MAC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Text-Based Adventure
Release Date:
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lol take the nails out with a hammer silly.
Or go through the other door xD
@iLeeoh *facepalm* There's a hammer?!
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